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Whether your project is large or small, AEL Scapes can scale our services to meet projects of all sizes.

With a strong understanding of council regulations, conservation legislation and environmental protection compliance, AEL Scapes ensure your objectives are achieved as smoothly as possible.

Services we offer:

Bushland Restoration, Regeneration + Maintenance

AEL Scapes offer comprehensive bushland management services to restore and maintain natural ecosystems. Our services include weed management, tree removal and the establishment of native vegetation to improve the quality of the land.

Parkland Structures

We specialise in the construction and maintenance of parkland structures, including street scape planting, street trees and other features that enhance the beauty and value of public spaces.

Erosion Mitigation + Stormwater Management

Our erosion mitigation services utilise best practices and innovative techniques to preserve and protect landscapes against the effects of weather and water. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

Track Construction and Pedestrian Pavement Works

We offer track construction and pedestrian pavement works to create safe and accessible walkways in both urban and natural environments. AEL Scapes solutions are designed to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting results.

Weed Management

We use a variety of techniques to manage and control weeds in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Our services include weed identification, herbicide application and ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure effective weed control.

Fencing Needs

Our fencing solutions include the construction and installation of retaining walls, bollards and other structures to create a secure and beautiful environment.

Industries we serve:

Civil Contractors

Federal, State and Local Governments



Commercial Real Estate

Petrol Stations

Sports Arenas

Performance Venues

AEL Scapes Parkland
AEL Scapes truck
Storm water management built by AEL Scapes

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