Major rehabilitation and restoration projects are a long-term commitment. After the landscaping and construction phases are over, projects enter a maintenance period. During this time, vegetation must be cared for to ensure contractual obligations are met.

Our approach to maintenance is two-fold. Initially, we commence a three-month establishment period that provides intensive management of the planted area. During this time we:

  • closely monitor plants and tube stock, making replacements as necessary
  • fertilise and mulch to help establish health root systems
  • remove weeds and rubbish
  • check moisture levels to ensure plants are getting enough water.

After the establishment period is complete, we will manage your maintenance program for the required timeframes – long or short term. This covers:

  • ongoing, regular site visits (usually once a month)
  • fertilising, mulching and watering as needed
  • weeding and pruning as plants become more established
  • removing rubbish and keeping up general presentation
  • helping assess any storm or flood damage as required.

At the end of this time, your site will be ready for final inspection and sign off