The heart of a landscape project is its plants. Care and attention in how a site is prepared and planted ensures nature will thrive for generations to come.

Whether you are rehabilitating council land, preserving a riparian area, or undertaking an urban development project, our landscaping services provide you with the peace of mind that your environmental obligations will be met.

We will work with your landscape architect to:

  • confirm any existing vegetation or trees that need to be retained
  • coordinate a licensed wildlife officer to be available to spot fauna and relocate animals as needed
  • remove and dispose of any rubbish or weeds on the site
  • arrange any necessary clearing, pruning or tree repair by a qualified arborist
  • chip removed material for use as mulch (not including weeds)
  • prepare soil for planting
  • provide advice on plant selection according to regional ecosystem guidelines
  • source, order and plant tubestock or street trees as per vegetation plans
  • mulch, water and fertilise plants as needed.

After the initial landscaping work has been completed, we can also help you with hardscape construction or continue to care for the site as part of a maintenance program .