Healthy riparian areas play an important role in our wetland ecosystem. They help maintain the quality of our rivers, lakes and beaches, support our wildlife habitats, and provide critical storm water dispersal during our wet season.

The main factor in keeping these wetlands healthy is correct vegetation. This vegetation protects banks from erosion, filters out pollutants and soil from the water, keeps water cool and prevents evaporation by providing shade, and gives animals a place to live.

As riparian area specialists, we will help you implement your landscape rehabilitation plan—including your vegetation management plan and any necessary landscape works—to ensure these areas are protected and comply with state and local regulations.

We work with your ecologist or landscape architect on a variety of activities including:

  • weed identification, classification and removal
  • erosion and sediment control
  • bank and shoreline stability work
  • vegetation selection according to regional ecosystem zones
  • storm water run-off control
  • re-vegetation and planting
  • nesting boxes, pontoons, and shelter for wildlife.

Once works are complete, we can manage the site for the required maintenance period.